February 16

Why You Should Consider a CARFAX Used Car!


Buying a used car can be stressful, but there are many resources to help you choose the best vehicle. One helpful resource is a CARFAX report, which can tell you all about the history and performance of a used car, truck, or SUV. Here are some reasons you should consider buying a CARFAX used car.

You Can Get a Free Report With Your Used Car

CARFAX allows anyone to buy a report for their car, and if you’re buying a used car from an individual or a dealership that doesn’t offer free reports, you might take that route. However, buying your own report can be pricey, especially if you already spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle. If you buy your pre-owned vehicle from a dealership that provides free CARFAX reports, like Huffines Kia McKinney, you can get all the information you need at no additional cost. Many of our pre-owned vehicles come with free CARFAX reports you can view before you purchase the car.

You Can Save Money and Feel Confident

Buying a quality pre-owned vehicle can help you get a fantastic car at a much lower price than buying a new one. Cars depreciate quickly, which means an almost-new vehicle has a much lower value than a brand-new one, even though the two cars perform similarly. Even with this improved price, some drivers feel unsure about buying used because they don’t know the vehicle’s history. For example, they don’t know how often the previous owner took the car in for routine maintenance. When you buy a used car with a CARFAX report, you can get that information while still saving money.

It Tells You About the Vehicle’s Previous Owners

One key detail included in a CARFAX report is the number of previous owners. Used cars with fewer prior owners often have lower mileage and more consistent maintenance records than cars owned by many people. CARFAX uses the vehicle’s VIN to find out who owned a tag for the car during its life span. The report also tells you the state where the owner lived and the estimated number of miles they drove the car each year, compared to the industry average of 15,000 miles per year.

You’ll Know About Any Prior Accidents

CARFAX reports contain information about any reported accidents involving the vehicle to keep you fully informed before purchase. While the report might not have details about unreported accidents, it can give buyers a good idea of the car’s overall condition and any major repairs. For each reported accident, you’ll get details about the vehicle’s structural damage. You’ll also find out whether the airbags were deployed during the accident. In the vehicle history section, you can find out what types of repairs the car had after any collision occurred.

It Verifies the Car’s Odometer

A vehicle’s odometer is the first place to look to assess its mileage, but it’s not foolproof. A faulty odometer can provide incorrect mileage readings. Since a used car’s mileage can affect its price, getting that number correct is essential. Vehicles with higher mileage often cost less but may cost more in the long run because they need more maintenance. CARFAX reports contain information about any faulty odometer readings that prior service mechanics have found while servicing the vehicle. Knowing the vehicle’s odometer history can help you feel confident that the car has the same mileage as advertised.

It Often Includes Maintenance Information

Many CARFAX reports provide a detailed vehicle history that includes scheduled maintenance, especially for legally required inspections like emissions tests or inspections before changing owners. Details might include the service date, the tasks performed, and even the average customer rating for the maintenance company. Since regular maintenance can keep a car running smoothly for years, this information can help you predict how well the car will perform when you drive it.

It Provides Manufacturers with Research

Along with information about the car you’re considering, a CARFAX report includes relevant details about the car’s make and model. If the manufacturer has issued a recall or a buyback offer, the CARFAX report includes this information under the Lemon tab. You can still buy a car model with a Lemon label, but knowing that other cars in the line have had issues can help you prepare for any potential problems in the future. This information can also help you decide whether to purchase that specific model.

You’ll Know About Any Existing Warranties

Every CARFAX report includes a section on the car’s current factory and extended warranties. This information is based on the VIN and the manufacturer’s information, so it’s not guaranteed to be accurate. While it estimates the current warranty coverage, it can help you decide what type of supplemental warranties you’ll need for the vehicle, which you can factor into your budgeting decisions. You can check the warranty information on the report with your dealership.

It Comes With a Buyback Guarantee

The CARFAX Buyback Guarantee adds another level of security to purchasing a CARFAX used vehicle. If you buy a CARFAX vehicle with the guarantee and find out it has reported damage or odometer rollbacks that aren’t on the report, CARFAX will buy the vehicle from you. The offer is only valid if the DMV has a record of the damage or other issues, like a manufacturer buyback. All CARFAX vehicles come with this offer, but you have to register your car on the CARFAX website after you buy it to be eligible for payment.

CARFAX reports are beneficial for car buyers but also great for sellers. If you’ve taken care of your car, truck, or SUV, a clean CARFAX report can increase the value of your trade, giving you cash to put toward a down payment on your next vehicle. Check out Huffines Kia McKinney’s trade-in valuation program to learn more.


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