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What is Kia Drive Wise?

Many automakers equip their vehicles with an extensive selection of driver safety and assistance technology. Kia is no different. The various safety tech features you’ll find throughout Kia’s lineup of cars and SUVs are part of the Kia Drive Wise system. Here’s some more information about how Drive Wise works and a closer look at a few of its most popular features.

What Is Kia Drive Wise?

Kia Drive Wise Lane Assist

image via Kia USA

Drive Wise is the system that includes Kia’s driver assistance technology in its cars and SUVs. The features available as part of Drive Wise vary depending on the vehicle you purchase and the trim you choose. That’s why it’s important to check the Drive Wise features on offer while performing your vehicle research.

For example, if you’re considering the Kia Telluride, you may have access to up to 11 Drive Wise features. This seven-seater SUV is equipped with features like adaptive cruise control, a driver drowsiness monitor, and blind-spot monitoring.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control is a driver assistance feature that supports you on the highway. The system detects vehicles up ahead and ensures that you maintain a safe distance from them. If a car slows down, adaptive cruise control can adjust your speed so that you continue to keep a safe space.

Retaining a safe distance between your vehicle and other drivers is critical because it can help you avoid getting involved in an accident. Having sufficient time to react to an unexpected event by applying the brakes to reduce your Kia to a stop is a crucial part of safe driving that’s made a lot easier with adaptive cruise control.

The adaptive cruise control feature is sometimes equipped with a stop-and-go capability. This system brings your Kia to a stop if the traffic up ahead comes to a halt for any reason. Likewise, your Kia’s stop-and-go feature responds by accelerating as soon as the traffic starts moving again.

Blind Spot Monitoring

The blind spot monitor alerts you with an alarm when another vehicle approaches you from a direction that’s hard for you to see. For instance, a driver’s most common blind spot is over their left shoulder. The alert allows you to take evasive action, either by slowing down or changing the direction you’re driving in.

A related feature is the rear cross-traffic alert. This system lets you know if a vehicle is approaching you while you’re driving in reverse. It’s particularly helpful when you’re reversing out of a parking spot since it gives you extra peace of mind.

Lane Keep Assist

Another part of Drive Wise geared towards highway driving is the lane keep assist feature. This piece of safety tech helps you deal with the challenge of sticking to the correct lane on the highway for long periods of time. It picks up the lane markings on the road and can make adjustments to your vehicle so that it stays centered. The system can also warn you if you’re about to leave your lane.

Surround-View Camera

The surround-view camera provides you with more control while you’re parking your Kia. Instead of having to look in all directions to check for obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles, you just have to follow the aerial view of your vehicle presented on your display. The 360-degree panorama will enable you to adjust your steering and speed to keep your vehicle and passengers safe, no matter how tight the parking spot may be.

Even if your particular Kia model doesn’t have the surround-view camera, other parking features are available with Drive Wise to assist you. For example, many Kia vehicles have rear or front parking sensors, which alert you if your car or SUV is getting too close for comfort to obstacles.

Forward Collision Warning

Kia Drive Wise often has a forward collision warning system that alerts you if it detects a potential threat up ahead. In some Kia models, this warning system is designed to detect pedestrians and cyclists as well as other motorists. However, these capabilities are not available with every forward-collision warning system, so you should be careful to check what your particular system can do.

The idea behind the collision warning system is that it gives you time to react by applying the brakes or taking other evasive actions. If you fail to respond in time, your Kia can apply the automatic emergency braking system to slow your vehicle down.

Driver Drowsiness monitor

If you regularly drive long distances, you’re probably familiar with asking yourself the question of if you’re alert enough to continue operating. Taking a break before you get too drowsy is crucial for your own safety as well as other motorists. The more tired you are, the less likely you’ll be able to react to avoid potential accidents.

Kia’s driver drowsiness monitor helps remove any doubt about how tired you are by constantly checking your driving performance. It checks how you steer your vehicle, your reaction times, and other factors to determine how alert you are to conditions around you. If it decides that you’re showing classic signs of drowsiness, you’ll receive a warning telling you to take a break.

Learn More About Kia Drive Wise at Huffines Kia Mckinney

Now that you know a bit more about Drive Wise and some of the most popular features it offers, why not take a closer look through our Kia inventory? As we already explained, each Kia model has its own selection of Drive Wise safety features to discover before you decide on which vehicle to purchase. If you’d instead find out more about driver assistance technology in person, you can drop by our Mckinney dealership to talk to one of our sales team members.

Our team of Kia experts is standing by to talk you through Drive Wise and many other exciting tech features on offer. You can contact us today to have your questions about Drive Wise answered in a professional but friendly way. We’re looking forward to helping you.


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