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What Is Covered Under The Kia Warranty


Huffines Kia McKinney has proudly represented the Kia brand for years. Our customers come to us from all around the Dallas-Fort Worth region because of our expansive selection, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. We stand behind every vehicle with our world-class service center, and Kia stands behind every car with one of the best warranties in the business. We also offer various new and used vehicle protection plans for buyers looking to maximize their coverage.

Of course, many buyers don’t think about warranties as they shop for cars. Most look at comfort features, performance metrics, and technology. But considering a vehicle’s warranty should be just as important. A warranty protects you against unwanted breakdowns, and the level of protection a warranty covers indicates how much confidence a manufacturer has in their product. 

So if you’re shopping for a new Kia, we want you to know exactly what kind of protection you’ll get from your warranty. We’ve asked our finance experts to review Kia’s warranty programs.

Kia Warranty Coverage Period

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The average bumper-to-bumper factory warranty on new cars runs for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. In addition, factories typically offer a powertrain warranty, which runs for five years or 60,000 miles on average. 

Your bumper-to-bumper warranty protects you against mechanical and craftsmanship defects in any car element. However, the powertrain warranty covers only those parts responsible for propelling the vehicle. Your car relies on the powertrain to move, so having a good powertrain warranty is important. 

Fortunately, Kia offers one of the longest powertrain warranties around. Every Kia comes with a ten-year or 100,000-mile powertrain warranty. You can count the number of other manufacturers offering the same coverage on one hand and still have enough fingers to hold up the peace sign. That warranty tells you that Kia has confidence in its vehicles.

Kia Warranty Coverage

The powertrain warranty on a new Kia vehicle covers all the necessary parts to put it into motion. That includes the engine, transmission, drive shafts, axles, and transfer case, all of which have smaller parts within their respective systems that can wear out and break down.

Kia’s bumper-to-bumper warranty, also known as a limited warranty, covers everything on your car with a few exceptions. Limited warranties don’t cover wear and tear parts, such as tires, brake pads, windshield wipers, or any part designed to wear during normal operations.

You also get a five-year or 100,000-mile Kia anti-perforation warranty. Anti-perforation is a fancy way of referring to protection from rust and corrosion. This warranty covers body panels against rust from the inside out. However, it doesn’t cover perforation from the outside in. Perforation is an important term here because it refers to penetration caused by something originating outside the car. 

For example, your car could be struck by hail or hit by a rock kicked up by another vehicle on the road. An accident can cause perforation, so you don’t get coverage from the outside in.

New Kia owners also get a roadside assistance plan lasting five years or 60,000 miles. Even though Kia makes some of the most reliable vehicles in the industry, breakdowns still happen. Most Kia owners don’t experience powertrain breakdowns. Instead, they endure the occasional flat tire, run out of gas, or have a depleted battery and need assistance. 

Kia’s roadside assistance plan will dispatch help with a simple phone call. In minutes, you’ll receive assistance in the form of gas delivery, a tire change, or a jump-start, so you’ll never be left stranded. If you have a problem preventing you from driving, your roadside assistance plan will tow your vehicle to your preferred Kia dealership. 

Most manufacturers offer the same types of warranty coverage. What separates Kia from the rest is how long its warranties cover you. In most cases, you receive coverage that’s twice the length of industry standards. That’s demonstrated confidence from Kia, and it should give you confidence too.

Kia Warranty Exceptions

No warranty covers every possible occurrence. However, Kia covers more than most. You should be aware that some things aren’t covered under Kia’s warranty. And you can bet that other manufacturers’ warranties contain the same exceptions.

For instance, if you have an accident, such as colliding with another vehicle or hitting the mailbox, your warranty won’t cover it. That’s why you have auto insurance. Misusing your Kia also voids your warranty. Examples of misuse include hitting a curb or striking an object in the road.

Alterations or modifications aren’t covered under warranties from any manufacturer. In fact, modifying your car can void coverage. For instance, if you lower your suspension because you love a low-profile stance and then suffer a malfunction in your suspension system, you won’t have coverage. We always recommend you modify your Kia with factory-approved parts only. 

Failing to maintain your vehicle according to the factory-recommended schedule can also void your warranty. If you don’t change your oil regularly, for instance, your engine will break down. Using the wrong fuel can also void your warranty. 

Weather and responses to it can also affect your coverage. For example, if you live in a region with heavy snowfall, the sand and salt used to melt snow and ice can damage your car. However, the warranty won’t cover this, nor will it cover damage caused by extreme heat, such as dry, cracked plastic or rubber parts.

Advantages of Extended Warranties and Vehicle Protection Plans

Consumers are split on the value of these types of plans. Some feel that buying an extended warranty or service protection plan pays for something they may never need. Others believe they can save money purchasing the plan and enjoy the added security of knowing they’re covered. Both are true.

An extended warranty or service plan covers you if something goes wrong. If nothing happens, great. But if you experience even one issue, the protection is worth it. Buying the plan today can save you even more money down the road. The rising cost of parts and labor might make a possible breakdown far more expensive than the underwriters of your plan anticipated. But if you buy a Kia today, you’ll be locked in at today’s prices and won’t have to worry.

Shop for a New Kia in McKinney

If you’re ready to upgrade your McKinney commute with a stylish, comfortable, and reliable vehicle, we invite you to browse our inventory online. All our cars are backed by the best warranty in the business.


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