November 9

What Does The Kia UVO App Do?


Technology in vehicles has come a long way in recent years. Drivers and their passengers have all the tech they need to stay connected, informed, and entertained right at their fingertips. The Kia UVO system, which is now Kia Connect, is one of the best infotainment systems you can get. Not only is it packed with tech features, but it also provides some helpful safety features too. Take a look at some of the capabilities and find out what the Kia UVO app can do to make your life easier. 

What Can the Kia App Do?

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The Kia app offers a wide range of functions. It puts control of your Kia, whether it’s the Telluride, Carnival, or Sportage, right in the palm of your hand. Whether you want to get your car started to warm it up or make sure it’s locked up for the night, you can do it from your smartphone. 

Security Features

There are several security features in the Kia app to help keep you and your vehicle safe. The 911 Connect feature will automatically call 911 if an airbag is deployed. It can also send your location to the emergency responders. 

The app also has a helpful maintenance reminder system. It knows exactly when it’s time for regular service, and it’ll alert you to make sure you schedule an appointment. 

Navigation Features

Finding your way around unfamiliar areas is easier than ever with the app. If you need to get directions, start by finding your destination on the app. Once you have your destination, you can utilize the following features:

  • Sending the destination to the car: The directions you find on the app can be sent to your vehicle’s navigation system, and the turn-by-turn directions will come up on the infotainment screen.
  • UVO voice assist: If you need help finding your destination, you can ask the voice assistant for help. Just ask for directions, and it’ll send you the best route.
  • Setting scheduled trips: Have a trip coming up? Use your smartphone to schedule trips in advance and send the link with the directions to your car.
  • Live traffic information: Avoid traffic jams with real-time traffic updates. This feature is available in select states.
  • Specific destination search: Search for the nearest Kia dealer, gas station, or movie theater with the local search option and get the destination link sent to the vehicle.

Safety Features

If you find that your Kia has been stolen, the app can help you find it. You can remotely immobilize the car and then use your phone to track its location. The app also comes in handy if you want to set driving parameters for a new driver in your household. You can set time and speed limits, a designated driving area, and valet alert parameters. If your teen driver goes over any of these limits or goes outside of their driving range, you’ll get an alert on your phone. 

Remote Capabilities

There’s no reason to use your hands to adjust your Kia when you have the app. Just use your voice to make adjustments to the air conditioning or heat, adjust the windows, or defrost the windshield. You can even find out the weather forecast for later in the day. 

In addition to these remote capabilities, you can also use the app to honk the horn or flash the lights if you need to find your car in a crowded parking lot. It also has a feature that allows you to check the oil level and see how much gas you have. You can see right from your phone if you’ve remembered to lock the doors and check to ensure the trunk is closed. Plan ahead for stops at the gas station by checking your fuel level before leaving the house, and make sure your tires are properly inflated. 

What Unique Features Does the Kia UVO App Have?

Here are some unique features you can take advantage of:

Kia Digital Key 2 Touch

The Kia Digital Key 2 Touch is a convenience feature that allows you to use your smartphone or smartwatch to control many of the vehicle features. The digital key turns your phone into a key, so you can use it to drive your Kia. It’s even sharable. If you want to give someone a key to your Kia, you can remotely share a key so they have access to your car. 

It works with compatible iPhones, Samsung Pass phones, and Apple Watches. The key is stored in your Apple Wallet or Samsung Pass Wallet, so you always know where it is. Some of the things you can do with the Kia Digital Key 2 Touch include the following:

  • Lock and unlock your Kia.
  • Start the engine.
  • Link to the owner’s driver profile.
  • Grant or cancel access to shared users.
  • Grant full or limited access to shared users.

Air Quality Monitoring

Use the app to check the air quality index inside your Kia. You can do this remotely before you even get in the car. 

Smartwatch Connectivity

Smartwatches have become a substitute for phones for many people, and the app is just as easy to use from a smartwatch as it is from your smartphone. You can seamlessly connect with your car right from your watch. 

Parking Minder

If you’ve ever forgotten where you parked your car, you’ll love the parking minder feature. Just pull up the location tracker on your app and navigate right to your vehicle. You can even set reminders to feed the meter.

The Kia App Can Make Life on the Road Easier and More Convenient

Our phones have become an important part of our daily lives, and we spend a lot of time in our vehicles, so it just makes sense to connect the two. The Kia app provides a seamless connection, allowing you to control key functions of your Kia and access the information you need. You can learn more about its benefits by contacting us at Huffines Kia McKinney in McKinney, Texas. Stop by or give us a call at 866-597-4639.


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