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Summer Date Night Ideas in Corinth, TX

As the weather warms up, you might find yourself looking for new activities to do with your loved one. There are so many great date spots in Corinth and Denton, Texas, for you to explore this summer. Whether you want a romantic night out, or hope to try something new with your significant other, you can find a fun new local spot to try. Here is a list of great ideas for a summer date night in Denton and Corinth.

Listen to Live Music

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During the summer months, many bands decide to play more live shows. You can catch a show by researching local music venues to see which bands are playing this summer. Listening to live music is a great way to see more of the local scene, learn some new songs, and enjoy a night out. One great local venue is the Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio, which has a bar and typically features indie musicians. You could also visit Dan’s SilverLeaf, where you can sit on the back patio while listening to musicians from a variety of genres. 

Stroll Through The Chairy Orchard

Situated in a typical Denton neighborhood is The Chairy Orchard. What was once a vacant lot is now a whimsical park that’s full of unique chairs of every shape and size. This one-of-a-kind orchard was curated by two local women who have spent time curating chairs and arranging them in the lot. The result is a fun park that tells a chair-based history of the town. There is even a Locks of Love Chairish Wall where people in love can place a lock with their names written on it. Consider strolling through The Chairy Orchard on a warm summer afternoon and adding a lock to the wall before heading to lunch or dinner with your partner.

Location: 1426 Churchill Drive, Denton, Texas 76209

Catch a Show at Campus Theatre

Enjoy a nostalgic take on the classic movie date by seeing a show at Campus Theatre. Built in 1949, this theater once showed movies, but now it is the central location for performing arts in the area. You can see what shows are on by checking the website, or by heading to their vintage-style marquee. There are a variety of shows that play at the theater, so you can always expect to see something unique. Since the Campus Theatre is right downtown, you can take your date for dinner and end the evening with a lovely show at the theater. 

Location: 214 W Hickory Street, Denton, TX 76201

Walk Along Old Alton Bridge

The Old Alton Bridge is a common landmark between Denton and Copper Canyon. This historic iron truss bridge was built in 1884. You can no longer drive on this bridge, but it is a nice spot for a stroll. You might even be able to see the sunset if you head out in the evening. There’s a few local legends and stories about the bridge, making this a popular location for tourists and other visitors. After your stroll, you can take your date back into town for dinner or dessert.

Head to the Bowling Alley

Another popular date idea is heading to the bowling alley for a bit of fun competition. There are several bowling alleys in both Denton and Lewisville. You could head to University Lanes or Andy B’s Bowl Social, which are both local alleys with their own flair. Each of these bowling alleys has its own atmosphere, with varying types of entertainment, food, and fun available. Bowling is a great spot for a date since it gets you out of the heat and into some swanky shoes while you have fun with your date.

Visit Fortunata Winery

Located just outside of town in Providence Village is Fortunata Winery. You can bring your date here for a nice day in the vineyard as you try fresh wines and enjoy the sunshine. The winery also has local musicians play on the weekends, so you can plan a date that combines wine and live music. You don’t need a reservation, so you could even make this romantic date a spontaneous one. Why not stick around for the day, since the winery also provides an extensive Italian food menu to make the evening extra special?

Location: 2297 FM 2931, Providence Village, Texas 76227

Buy Fresh Food at the Denton Community Market

Open exclusively on Saturdays is the Denton Community Market. This is a farmer’s market that features fresh food, local vendors, artists, and even live music. You can visit the market in the morning before it gets too hot. Try new foods, engage with local community members, and experience the flavors of Denton and Corinth. You could even cook a meal for your date with the locally sourced, fresh ingredients that you’ve bought.

Location: 317 W Mulberry Street, Denton, Texas 76201

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner

One of the best ways to enjoy the company of your date is by taking them out for a romantic dinner. Both Denton and Corinth have a variety of great restaurants to choose from. For Italian food, consider Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant in Denton, or Genti’s Pizza and Pasta in Corinth. For Japanese cuisine, you might enjoy Keiichi or Blue Ginger. Some other romantic restaurants in and around Corinth include Queenie’s Steakhouse or Hannah’s Off the Square. Wherever you decide to go for a meal, you can spend time getting to know your date over a delicious dinner.

As neighboring cities, Denton and Corinth share many of the same wonderful, local spots for a summer date night. You can enjoy various activities with the person you love this summer, from eating local food and drinking fine wine, competing for gold at the bowling alley, and jamming to live music. Do you know of another good spot for a summertime date in Denton or Corinth? Please let us know so we can add it to our list. We hope you enjoy exploring all the wonderful things that Denton and Corinth have to offer.


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