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Springtime Activities For the Family to Enjoy in McKinney, TX

With longer days and warmer weather, spring can be an exciting time. You and your family may be looking for new activities to enjoy, especially outside. If you’re hoping to try something new, we’ve created this list of springtime activities that the family can enjoy in the McKinney, Texas, area.

Fly a Kite

Flying A Kite

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Take advantage of sunny skies in spring and try your hand at flying a kite. Stop by the dollar store to grab a basic kite to last for the day, or consider investing in a more durable kite to last the season. Look for a park in McKinney with plenty of clear overhead space free of obstacles, such as trees and power lines, and head there on a day with enough of a gentle breeze to support the kite.

Visit Different Playgrounds

Make a list of the many playgrounds in Collin County, and create a plan to visit all the playgrounds near you. When the weather is right, refer to your list and select a playground to visit, and consider inviting other families or friends to enjoy you. This allows your kids to experience a new activity and may help them socialize with other children. You may even find a new favorite place that your kids love.

Blow Bubbles

Blowing bubbles can be a simple and affordable way to spend some time outside. Many stores sell pre-made bubble solutions and a selection of wands and toys, or you can create your own solution with water and dish soap. Head outside with your solution and accessories, and let your kids enjoy a day of clean fun with the bubbles.

Draw With Chalk

Sidewalk chalk provides a variety of possibilities. It may be fun to use to draw hopscotch or four square, giving you and your family options for outdoor games to play. Chalk also allows your kids to express themselves artistically through drawings on your driveway or patio. Another option may be to leave friendly messages on the sidewalk in your neighborhood for others to enjoy.

Take a Bike Ride

Riding a bike can be a fun way to exercise with your family and enjoy the outdoors together. Check out the variety of bicycle trails in the McKinney area and find a route that’s appropriate for your family and its needs. Bike riding may also help your family learn about safety, such as wearing a helmet or sharing the road with bikers.

Gather Bird Nest Supplies

Spring is a popular time for birds to lay eggs, and your family can help provide them with materials to do so. Research what birds typically use to build their nests and learn about where they usually build them. Gather some of the supplies together and leave them in spots for the birds to find and use. Keep an eye out for whether birds pick up the items to build a nest, but be sure not to disturb any nests that you may find.

Build a Birdhouse

Building a birdhouse is another way to provide a safe environment for birds. Consider purchasing a special kit with all the supplies to make a birdhouse, or look around your house for scrap wood and similar materials to use to build one freehand. Build the house together, then hang it in a spot where you can watch for birds as a family.

Hang a Bird Feeder

Bird feeders can help attract birds to your property and provide them with something to eat. Learn about the birds local in your area and find out what types of food they like. Based on your research, you can build your own feeders to hang or find pre-made ones at the store. Try hanging the feeder close to a window so your family can watch for birds easily.

Hike Local Trails

Use the springtime to reconnect with nature. Enjoy one of the many nature trails or hikes in McKinney. Be sure to research the trail in advance and prepare for your hike appropriately, such as wearing the correct attire and sunscreen and bringing enough water and snacks with you.

Go Camping

Enjoy a night under the stars by going camping. This can be a fun way to reconnect with nature, and camping in the springtime may help you avoid the hotter summer temperatures. Think about visiting one of the camping spots near McKinney, Texas, especially if you have an RV or want an easy weekend away. For something more casual and convenient, an option may be to pitch a tent in your own backyard.

Have a Nature Photo Shoot

Having a photoshoot may be a fun way to engage your kids who may prefer the arts to the outdoors. Show them some photos for inspiration, such as jumping in puddles or of the spring blooms. Under your supervision, give your child your phone and let them have their own photoshoot. Offer to pose as they direct you and help them bring their creative vision to life.

Look at the Clouds

Cloud gazing may be a good way to enjoy a partially sunny day with plenty of clouds in the sky. Grab a blanket and get comfortable in the grass. Look up at the sky and take turns describing the clouds you see and what they look like. Ask them what the shapes remind them of or how they feel looking at the clouds.

Have a Picnic

Springtime is the perfect time to enjoy a nice meal outdoors. Pack a picnic to bring with you to the park, or set up a blanket in your own backyard for a quick picnic. Consider inviting another family to join you on your picnic and making it a potluck as an easily social outing. 

We’ve reached the end of our list of some springtime activities that the family can enjoy in the McKinney, Texas, area. If you have additional suggestions for family-friendly activities for the spring, let us know. We may even update our guide to include your ideas. At Huffines Kia McKinney, we’re proud to serve our local community, and we hope this list helped you find something new to try with your family.


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