November 16

Kia Accessories To Keep Your Car Clean and Organized


Let’s face it: our cars can get pretty cluttered and dirty. Whether you commute to work and have your coffee and breakfast on the way, or you have kids in the back seat with snacks, toys, and all their gear, it can be difficult to keep things clean. The good news is there are a variety of car accessories that can help make things easier when you want to clean up. Take a look at some cool accessories to keep your Kia cleaner.

A Place To Keep Your Trash

The car, just like our homes, is a living space, which means a fair amount of trash and litter can make its way into the cabin. Instead of stuffing your wrappers in the car door’s side pockets or the cupholder, a trash can designed to fit in the car is a better idea. The Farasal All-in-One Car trash can has a removable leakproof liner for easy emptying and cleaning. This trash has an adjustable tissue holder, so you always have tissues on hand without a box floating around the cabin.  

Keep Your Seats Clean

Do you have spots on your cloth upholstery that you’re tired of looking at? Keep a bottle of foaming citrus carpet, upholstery cleaner, and a scrub brush in your vehicle. Use it to remove stains and make your seats look and smell new. You can apply Chemical Guys Foaming Citrus cleaner directly to the fabric, which will float dirt particles to the material’s surface. You can then easily wipe them away with a microfiber cloth.  

Keep Your Cabin Organized

We all have random items that seem to gather on the seats in our vehicles. Getting a mesh organizer can prevent all this clutter from building up. There are several styles available. Some will attach to the back of the driver or passenger seat, while others hang between them. The netted material can serve as a catchall for a purse to prevent it from falling over and spilling. You can also use it to contain the kid’s toys and give them easy access when they want them.     

No More Dirt Buried in the Carpet

A portable car vacuum is the perfect solution to pick up dirt before it gets buried in the carpet. There’s no need to wait until you get home after the dirt has had a chance to get ground in; just keep a small vacuum in your truck or cargo space. The ThisWorx car vacuum is a small 12-volt handheld portable vacuum plugs right into the car outlet. It has plenty of power for grabbing dirt and grime from the carpets, the seats, and lots of attachments to get in small, hard-to-reach spots. 

Get in All the Small Spots

If you’ve never used car cleaning gel before, it’s a game changer when you want to get the dirt out of all those small areas. It looks like a handful of slime and will conform to any spot in your car to get rid of dust, crumbs, and dirt. Press it into the air vents and watch it pick up all the little bits of dust, use it to get deep down into the cupholders, or grab the dirt that gets stuck down in the controls for the windows. Keep your new Kia looking like it just rolled off the lot with this helpful cleaning item. 

Keep Pet Fur Contained

Pet owners know how difficult it can be to pick up and contain all the fur left behind in a vehicle. A waterproof back seat cover is one of the car accessories that can help minimize dirt, dander, and fur and keep it contained. Seat covers are easy to clean with a damp cloth if you want to keep them in place, or you can take them out and wash them. Your pet will have a safe place to ride, and you’ll have less to clean.  

Organized Your Trunk

Keep all the stuff in your trunk from rolling around with a folding trunk organizer. You can get a durable one with three pockets to keep things organized. These organizers are perfect for containing all your small gear. Use them for emergency items such as jumper cables, an extra phone charger, and small tools or for extra windshield washer fluid, umbrellas, and other items you always want on hand. Find out more about Kia accessories to organize your trunk at Huffines Kia McKinney. 

Seat Gap Filler

Have you ever lost your phone or keys in the gap between the seat and the center console? You can prevent this from happening with a seat gap filler. It slides down in the gap to fill it up, so your items don’t drop down there and get lost under the seats. The Drop Stop blocks the gap, so even the smallest things stay up where you can see them. You can even spill your French fries, and they’ll stay on the seat instead of getting down underneath, where you may forget about them.  

Cleaning Windows Made Easy

Clean windows are the key to safer driving, especially at night. A window cleaning tool such as the Xindell Window Windshield Cleaning Tool is perfect for windows’ interior and exterior sides. The long handle means you can get down to the bottom of the interior windshield, while the microfiber cloth will leave the glass streak-free. This window cleaner doubles as a fog and moisture remover and even comes with a small spray bottle to keep the window cleaning solution in the car. 

Are You Ready To Keep Your Car Looking Like New?

All these items make it easier to keep up with the everyday cleaning in your new or used Kia. At Huffines Kia McKinney, our team has some great ideas to help you keep your car looking new. Get in touch, and we can tell you more about them. If you come by, you can look at our extensive inventory of Kia models in person and even take one for a test drive


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