June 15

How Do I Know If My Car Has Kia Connect?


Kia UVO has been Kia’s signature suite of connectivity apps for many years. However, the time has come for an upgrade, and UVO has been rebranded as Kia Connect. As the future of Kia infotainment, it includes everything UVO did and much more. Let’s see what this impressive new system can do below.

Kia UVO Features Included in Kia Connect

Before we discuss the new features available with Kia Connect, we should review the fundamentals of the Kia UVO system that continue in the new system. Three types of UVO systems are currently available in older Kia vehicles, but all will have Kia Connect once the lineup upgrade is complete. 

The base UVO’s primary functions involve smart-device mirroring, including call, text, music app, and app-based GPS navigation functions. The UVO Link variant adds comprehensive vehicle diagnostic services, including maintenance schedule alerts, rear seat reminders, emergency services contact, and enhanced roadside assistance. The UVO eServices with NAV variant comes with all of the above, plus an independent GPS navigation program suite.

Exciting New Kia Connect Features

The improvements implemented through the Kia Connect system upgrade are considerable and will greatly enhance the driving experience. Let’s take a look at a few of those improvements now.

The Kia Access App and Voice Command

The Kia Access app allows the infotainment system and the driver’s smart device to change climate control settings, use the onboard phone-mirroring system, set timers and alarms through the stopwatch app, and unlock and lock the Kia’s doors. The infotainment system’s voice command feature can also alter climate control settings.

The Kia Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

We all at Huffines Kia McKinney know that our patrons’ Kia vehicles are among their most valuable and necessary assets. We’re glad to announce that Kia has installed a stolen vehicle recovery system into all Kia vehicles through Kia Connect. This system does more than the standard emergency GPS locator feature. It is also capable of owner-directed location sharing and remote vehicle immobilization. Any Kia we sell equipped with Kia Connect won’t be stolen for long if taken without permission.

On-Demand Find-My-Car with a Surround View Monitor

Kia Connect comes with an on-demand Find-My-Car feature. Upon the driver’s command, the Kia can be located through a smart device or a computer, and at that time, the surround-view camera system is activated. When initiated, the 360-degree camera system on the vehicle’s exterior will capture a full set of images covering the entire visual range of the system so everything going on around it can be seen. This system has many uses, from identifying car thieves to monitoring teen drivers.

Enhanced Voice Assist and Smart Speaker Integration

Two AI-powered assistants—Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa—are available on the Kia Connect system through smart speakers using advanced voice recognition technology. Google Assistant can set timers and alarms, make phone calls, play music, create and check schedules, initiate web searches, check the news, and report the weather. 

Amazon Alexa can start, turn off, lock, unlock, and locate Kia vehicles for their drivers. The system can execute vehicle systems checks and inform the driver of any issues requiring service. With a simple voice command from the driver, Alexa will engage audiobook playback, phone, music, and GPS navigation.

Wi-Fi Access

The Kia Connect system has a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, providing Texas drivers with connectivity for up to five devices. This hotspot can simultaneously run videos and smart-device games that require internet connections, web pages, music apps, and more on all five devices without considerable lag.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance and 911 Connect

Enhanced Roadside Assistance includes access to 24/7 roadside assistance in a minor automotive emergency, whether you run out of gas, get a flat tire, need a tow truck, or your Kia’s battery needs a jump. In addition, if a collision triggers the airbag system, the 911 Connect feature will automatically contact emergency personnel through a built-in modem and inform them of the Kia’s location.

Connected Routing and Over The Air Map Updates

Most traditional global positioning systems (GPS) calculate a route once and only recalculate upon a missed turn or in the event of temporary signal loss. Kia Connect’s cloud-based GPS system determines the best route using AI that learns to predict and evaluate road conditions using live monitoring and historical data. It’s constantly looking for better routes based on traffic conditions, official roadway alerts, weather conditions, and many other factors. As a result, drivers can be confident that they are always taking the most efficient path to their destination when using the Kia Connect GPS.

Kia Connect Setup

Setting up Kia Connect is easy. When turned on for the first time, the infotainment system will ask for a Kia Connect activation code. Once that code is keyed in, all features will be available. Smart devices can be connected to the system through the Kia Access app. For smart devices to pair up with the infotainment system and gain access to all applicable Kia Connect features, Kia’s VIN number and a verification code will need to be entered into the app.

Kia Connect Availability

Some of the new features available on Kia Connect can be accessed by drivers with UVO systems. Available features for UVO systems vary by model and year. Ask a Kia team member for specifics, such as whether you own a UVO-equipped Kia or are interested in buying a used Kia. Kia Connect systems have been fully implemented in 2022 Kia EV6 vehicles and later. In addition, the Kia Sportage will have Kia Connect from the 2023 model year on. Drivers should watch for updates, as other Kia models will be upgraded from UVO to Kia Connect over time.

Find out more about the continuing rollout of Kia Connect at Huffines Kia, located in McKinney, Texas. Please feel free to contact us or stop by and see us. We’d be happy to discuss Kia Connect in greater detail and answer any questions.


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