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EV Charging Stations in McKinney, TX

Electric vehicles, or EVs, use an electric charge to power their engines and other components. Some of these vehicles use electricity exclusively, while others combine electricity with gasoline for a hybrid engine model. EV drivers can power up their cars by connecting them to a charging station. While some hotels and businesses have their own charging stations, other stations are open to the public. If you drive an electric vehicle and you plan to visit McKinney, it might be helpful to know where the closest charging stations are. Keep reading to find out about nine public charging stations in McKinney, Texas.

Volta Charging Station at Cinemark Movies 14

EV Charging Station in McKinney, TX

EV Charging Stations by Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine is licensed with CC BY 2.0

Located on South Central Expressway, this Volta station is in the parking lot of Cinemark Movies 14. The station is also near the Towne Lake recreation area, making it a convenient place to charge up before or after a day of playing on the lake. This free charging station has two Level 2 J1772 EV plugs. These 240-volt units can fully charge a car within a few hours, but this station doesn’t have any high-speed charging units.

Nissan of McKinney

Nissan of McKinney, located on South Central Expressway near the Sheraton McKinney Hotel, operates a non-networked, free charging station for electric vehicles. The station is open during the dealership’s hours of operations, which are 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. This station features two ports, each with different voltages. The Level 2 J1772 plug generates about 240 volts and can fully charge a car within a few hours, while the Level 3 CHADEMO is a high-speed charger with varying voltage, which can charge a car in under an hour.

McKinney Senior Recreation Center

The McKinney Senior Recreation Center is located on South College Street and hosts a non-networked, free charging station. The station is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day. This is one of the smaller stations in McKinney, with only one port. It’s a Level 2 J1772 port that generates roughly 240 volts. Although this is a smaller station, its proximity to the Grady Littlejohn Softball & Baseball Complex makes it convenient if you visit the park or have children who play at it.

Blink Charging Station at enXchange

If you’re looking for an EV charging station in historic downtown McKinney, then you should try out the enXchange station. It is located in the parking lot of enXchange, a tech company on West Virginia Street in downtown. Operated by Blink, this station is open 24 hours a day and costs a fee to use, which you can pay using the Blink mobile app. There are two Level 2 ports, each generating about 240 volts for a gradual charge. The station charges $0.29 per kilowatt-hour, or kWh.

SemaConnect Station at McKinney Corporate Center

Located on Weiskopf Avenue near the TPC Craig Ranch golf course, the McKinney Corporate Center has a SemaConnect EV charge station in its parking lot. This free station has two Level 2 ports, each generating close to 240 volts. The location is across Rowlett Creek from a large shopping center, making it a convenient place to get your car charged up after running errands.

Volta Charging Station at Cinemark on Hardin Boulevard

Like Cinemark Movies 14 on South Central Expressway, Cinemark at Hardin Boulevard is also home to a Volta charging station. Volta’s partnership with Cinemark supplies many Texas towns with reliable EV charging stations. Similar to the other Cinemark locations, this charging station is free, with two Level-2 ports that generate about 240 volts each. This location is close to Costco, Hobby Lobby, and several other superstores, which makes it a convenient option if you need a charge while running errands.

El Lago Apartments

Located on Craig Drive near the Eldorado Country Club, the El Lago apartment complex has a ChargePoint station near building 18 and the package concierge for the complex. This station has two Level 2 ports, each generating roughly 240 volts of energy. You have to pay to use this station, which accepts payment through the ChargePoint app. It costs $0.97 per hour to charge, but if your car finishes charging and you’re still connected to the port, there’s a $5.00 charge per hour, so it pays to keep a close eye on your vehicle as it charges.

ChargePoint Station at Whole Foods, Fairview

If you take Route 75 south towards Dallas, you’ll find a ChargePoint Station at the Whole Foods in Fairview. Located on East Stacy Road, just off the highway, this free charging station has four ports in total. Three of them are Level 2 J1772 ports that generate around 240 volts of electricity, while the other is a Level 1 NEMA515 port, which generates about 120 volts. The Level 2 ports can charge your car fully within a few hours, while the Level 1 is better if you only need to add a few miles to your engine.

ChargePoint Station at Delta Allen

Further south down Route 75 is the Marriott Dallas Allen Hotel, which has a ChargePoint station in its parking lot. Located on Watters Creek Boulevard, this large station has six Level 2 ports, ensuring you can find an available spot on most days. The station charges for its electricity through the ChargePoint app. It costs $1.00 per hour for the first four hours and $5.00 per hour after that.

These stations can keep your electric vehicle charged, no matter where you go in McKinney. If you’re looking for a new car to take you on your next Texas adventure, Huffines Kia is here to help. Our inventory of new Kias includes some EV models, along with traditional gas-powered vehicles. At the same time, our collection of quality pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs allows you to get the vehicle of your dreams at a fraction of the price. Come by and visit our McKinney lot and let our team of experts find your perfect new car.


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