March 14

Dealership Experience vs. Online Car Shopping


Online shopping has taken over today’s world, even when choosing a new vehicle. Skipping the trip to the dealership and buying a car online is a massive change for shoppers. But this easy way to purchase a vehicle comes with some problems. It requires a leap of faith, hoping everything turns out okay once the deal is done.

Is it better to stick with the traditional route and visit a dealership for your next car, or should you embrace the modern way and buy it online? Read as our Huffines Kia McKinney team weighs in on purchasing from a car dealership vs. online shopping.

The Traditional Car Dealership Experience

Buying a car from a dealership is a whole experience, letting you get up close and personal with a vehicle before taking it home. This hands-on time is essential for many reasons, making getting your car from a dealership a solid choice. Here are some benefits of buying from a dealership:

  • Experiencing a test drive: The act of test-driving a vehicle is irreplaceable. It gives you a sense of the vehicle’s performance and comfort level and how well it meets your needs. Being able to physically feel the car’s response, from acceleration to ease of navigation, provides insight you can’t learn from pictures or descriptions online.
  • Engaging with knowledgeable staff: The opportunity to engage in conversation with experienced sales personnel is another significant advantage of dealership purchases. These interactions allow for immediate, clear responses to inquiries, offering a depth of understanding and confidence in your decision-making that’s hard to replicate online. The sales staff’s expertise can guide you through the nuances of each model, ensuring you make a well-informed choice.
  • Negotiating: You can often get a more advantageous deal by negotiating in person at a dealership. This face-to-face interaction provides a platform to discuss pricing, explore financing options, and learn about exclusive dealership promotions that may not be as clear online.
  • Receiving instantaneous gratification: Selecting a car at a dealership and driving it off the lot the same day offers immediate satisfaction you can’t get with online purchases. It eliminates the wait time associated with shipping and delivery, allowing you to enjoy your new vehicle without delay.

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The Convenience of Online Car Shopping

Online car shopping presents unique benefits, with convenience at the forefront of its appeal. Here are some advantages of buying online:

  • Browse anytime, anywhere: The ability to peruse car listings at any moment, from any location, provides a stress-free shopping environment without sales pressure, which is particularly advantageous if you prefer to take your time making decisions. 
  • Choose from a wide selection: The vast inventory accessible through online platforms surpasses what may be available at a standalone dealership, offering more options. 
  • Research and review: Online shopping can make researching and comparing vehicles easier. You can effortlessly access detailed reviews, compare prices, and scrutinize specifications across multiple models, making it simpler to find the perfect car that meets your criteria and budget considerations. This accessibility and comprehensive information can help you make an informed decision.

The Drawbacks of Shopping for Your Next Vehicle Online

Purchasing a vehicle online can have disadvantages, including the following:

  • Lack of physical interaction: When you buy a car online, you miss out on the hands-on experience before you purchase. You can’t test-drive it, poke around inside, or even kick the tires, so you’re crossing your fingers and hoping it’s everything you dreamed it would be. 
  • Delayed gratification: There’s also the waiting game. After you click “buy,” you’ve got to sit tight until the car shows up at your door, which could feel like it takes forever. It’s a lot of waiting around compared to buying from a dealership and driving your new vehicle home on the spot.

Making an Informed Decision

When you’re on the fence about clicking your way to a new car online or strolling into a dealership, think about what appeals to you during the car hunt. You’ll want to head to a dealership if you need to feel the wheel beneath your hands, poke around the trunk, or sit in the driver’s seat to see if it’s a good fit.

There’s something about chatting face-to-face with a salesperson, getting all your questions answered on the spot, and talking them down on the price. Plus, there’s the unbeatable feeling of driving your shiny new car right off the lot and straight into your driveway.

If you want the convenience of shopping from your couch with a snack in hand and you get a kick out of having a bazillion options to scroll through, then online car shopping is calling your name. It’s perfect for those who love deep-diving into comparisons, reviews, and specs without stepping outside. It boils down to what you prioritize: the in-person experience and immediate gratification of a dealership or the relaxed, broad search online shopping offers.

Is Purchasing a Vehicle at a Dealership or Online Best for You?

While online car shopping offers the convenience of browsing and purchasing from anywhere, it lacks the personal experience a dealership provides. Our Huffines Kia McKinney team knows nothing can replace the value of test-driving a vehicle and interacting with knowledgeable staff to ensure you’re making the best decision. Buying online means hoping the car is great, but purchasing from a dealership or our website gives you confidence in your choice.

Get Your Next Vehicle at Huffines Kia McKinney

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