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Community Parks For the Family in McKinney, TX

If you’re looking for something to do as a family in the McKinney area, you should look at the community parks. These parks offer several options for you to explore, including areas where you can picnic, concert venues, places to let your pets roam, and hiking trails. Besides offering you a place to go to get out of your house, these community parks also offer places where you can meet other people.

A. Hardy Eubanks Jr. Park

A. Hardy Eubanks Jr. Park

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The A. Hardy Eubanks Jr. Park is a 10.44-acre park on Round Hill Road. It’s one of McKinney’s top spots for sports, biking, and hiking. It also includes features such as a first-come-first-serve covered pavilion, benches throughout the park, a play structure for children, swings, and large green spaces where you can set out a blanket. It shares its parking with Bennett Elementary and also offers you street parking. Finally, it offers its visitors a baseball and softball backdrop and a multipurpose court for a wide variety of games such as basketball, street hockey, and dodgeball.

Aviator Park

Aviator Park is a 10-acre neighborhood park that offers McKinney residents amenities such as a water fountain, a first-come-first-serve covered pavilion with an electrical outlet, and 15 dedicated parking spaces. The park also offers entertainment features such as a barrier-free play structure, a multipurpose court for sports, and a seasonal splash pad. When you visit this park on Monticello Drive, you can use their hiking and biking trail, which is a 0.3-mile circuit trail that borders the outside of the entire park.

Bonnie Wenk Park

Bonnie Wenk Park is a popular spot in McKinney for pet owners. It features a dog park, an amphitheater for holding events such as movies and concerts, and two trails for hiking and biking: the Pond Loop and the Dog Park Loop. Other features you can enjoy at this park on Virginia Parkway include an adult fitness court designed for adults of all ages, an all-abilities inclusive playground, and a 5-acre fishing pond where you can sit and relax, listen to concerts from the amphitheater, or cast your fishing rod hoping for a few bites.

Carey Cox Memorial Park

This 10-acre park on Stonebridge Drive is a neighborhood park and shares its space with Wilmeth Elementary. You can use a first-come-first-serve picnic shelter with electrical outlets, enjoy a hike and bike trail, or visit the Parks Administration offices when you visit the park. The park features a barrier-free play structure for children, swings, and climbing boulders for adults and older children. Besides these features, the park also has 15 parking spaces and a large open turf area for soccer teams to practice and play. 

Cottonwood Park

Cottonwood Park on McMakin Street is a popular spot for McKinney residents because it offers several covered areas to enjoy, regardless of the weather. These covered areas include a barrier-free play structure, a basketball court, and pavilions where you can eat or host events. Cottonwood Park also has a large uncovered green space, a seasonal splash pad, and pedestrian paths. The park offers dedicated parking spaces and outlets for food trucks, meaning visitors can find a variety of food at the park. Finally, if you’re concerned about young children on the playground, the park has a play structure for toddlers.

Falcon Creek Park

Falcon Creek Park is a neighborhood park on Peregrine Drive. Its facilities host 11.6 acres of land, including a 0.5-acre fishing pond and plenty of space for sports and other activities. Features of the park include a hike and bike trail, a first-come-first-serve picnic shelter, and a multipurpose court. Falcon Creek Park includes a barrier-free play structure, a baseball field, and an open turf area for soccer fields. If you drive to Falcon Creek Park, it has 16 dedicated parking spaces for its visitors and neighbors, C.T. Eddins Elementary.

Finch Park

Finch Park on West Standifer Street has a unique walking trail that loops around the entire park. Each month, placards along the trail contain a page from a book, which you can read as you walk. It also offers its visitors the ability to reserve its east and west pavilions for events and several small pavilions that serve the community on a first-come-first-serve basis. Other features of the park include a sand volleyball court, a basketball court, and play structures. Some tables around Finch park have charcoal grills nearby, so you can cook and enjoy the park.

Katherine B. Winniford Park

Once you get to the 17 lighted parking spaces of the Katherine B. Winniford Park on Highlands Drive, you can enjoy this park’s amenities. Its features include 16 acres of space, a first-come-first-serve picnic structure, and a 2.5-acre fishing pond. Other features of the park include a barrier-free play structure, a multipurpose court for multiple sports and events, and a large, open turf area for sporting events. Visitors to the park can also enjoy a hike and bike trail, which passes by the park’s other amenities.

Towne Lake Recreation Area

The Towne Lake Recreation Area and Park is the largest park in the area and offers you several amenities you can enjoy. These features include an indoor and outdoor recreation center, play structures for children, and a disc golf course. Other features of the park include a 22-acre fishing area, volleyball courts, horseshoe courts, and several baseball fields. The final amenities the park offers you are its pavilion, which you can reserve for events, and scenic views of the area around Wilson Creek Parkway.

Are You Driving to These Parks?

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