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Car Comparison: 2023 Kia EV6 GT vs Ford Mach E GT


If you’re shopping for crossover electric vehicles (EVs), you’ve probably seen the Kia EV6 GT and Ford Mach-E GT. Ford’s Mach-E GT has been around for a few years, while the Kia EV6 GT makes its debut in 2023 on the heels of its namesake EV6 in 2022. Both vehicles have similar styles and performance features, but there are differences to be found. So, we asked our in-house EV experts to make a head-to-head comparison to see which EV is the better option.

2023 Kia EV6 GT vs. Ford Mach-E GT: Performance

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As the high-performance versions of each model, you can expect a spirited driving experience from both. Kia uses dual high-performance electric motors powered by a 77.4 kWh lithium-ion battery. As a result, you get an all-wheel-drive (AWD) platform that’s fun to drive and capable on various surfaces and weather conditions. For example, the EV6 GT pumps out 576 horsepower and 545 lb-ft of torque and is fast, clocking a zero to 60 mph time of 3.4 seconds.

Your EV6 GT rolls on 21-inch alloy wheels wrapped in sticky Goodyear Eagle F1 tires and relies on GT high-performance brakes with quad-piston calipers to stop it. Kia uses an electronically controlled suspension, variable gear ratio steering, and an electronic limited-slip differential that lets you carve corners like a pro. A special GT drive mode unleashes maximum output for a heart-pounding experience. Plus, the EV6 GT comes tow-ready up to 2,300 pounds.

A heat pump helps preserve valuable range, while a regenerative braking system with paddle shifters captures energy from the braking process and returns it to the battery, extending your range. The EPA estimates the EV6 gets 85 MPGe on city streets, 74 MPGe on the highways, 79 MPGe combined, and a 206-mile driving range on a full charge. And you can recharge from 10-80% in only 18 minutes with a DC fast charging system.

Ford makes the Mach-E GT with a 91.4 kWh battery and dual electric motors to deliver AWD capability. This powertrain produces 480 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque. As a result, the Mach-E GT has a slower 3.8-second zero to 60 mph time. The Mach-E GT has 20-inch alloy wheels with all-season, not performance, tires and red-painted Brembo brake calipers. You also get an electronic stability control system and a magnetic ride control system that smooths out the bumps in the road, but no advanced steering technology is included.

However, the larger-capacity battery allows for a 270-mile driving range and an EPA-estimated 99 MPGe on surface roads and 77 MPGe on the highway. You can charge from 10-80% in 43 minutes with DC fast charging. Unfortunately, the Mach-E GT can only tow 1,000 pounds and requires optional equipment.

Edge: Kia EV6 GT

Kia gives the EV6 GT more standard high-performance equipment than Ford offers on the Mach-E GT. As a result, the EV6 GT drives faster, handles better, and recharges quicker.

2023 Kia EV6 GT vs. Ford Mach-E GT: Interior Comfort, Convenience, and Technology

Inside the EV6 GT, you find premium furnishing made from 100% sustainable materials resulting in a luxurious space. Heated and ventilated front seats come standard, as does an Onboard Power Generator with Vehicle to Load ports. With this system, you can operate household appliances, laptops, camping equipment, and more. A hands-free Smart Power Tailgate lets you load and unload quickly. And your 50.2 cubic feet of space enables you to haul larger items.

Your in-vehicle tech runs through dual 12.3-inch panels, one for driving information and the other for infotainment features. An Augmented Reality Head-Up Display projects customizable data to the windshield, keeping your focus forward while staying informed.

The touch screen has built-in SiriusXM satellite radio, navigation, voice recognition technology, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth systems, and a wireless charging pad that keeps you powered up. So, you can access your favorite apps, operate your smartphone, and stream your favorite music using intuitive voice commands. You also get a Remote Smart Parking Assist system that navigates your EV6 GT into and out of parking spaces while you’re outside the vehicle.

Ford uses its ActiveX synthetic seating material for a durable look and feel, and heated front seats come standard. A 10.2-inch digital information cluster presents critical driving data, and a 15.5-inch touch screen operates your infotainment system. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, and a wireless charging pad come standard, enabling hands-free operations.

Edge: Kia EV6 GT

The EV6 GT has a premium cabin and a more thoughtful layout. In addition, you get elevated technology you can’t find in the Ford Mach-E GT.

2023 Kia EV6 GT vs. Ford Mach-E GT: Pricing and Option Packages

Kia makes the EV6 in five trim levels, and Ford has four trims for its Mach E. However, the GT model for each manufacturer represents its high-performance variant. Kia sells the EV6 GT for $61,400 MSRP before option packages and fees, and Ford lists the Mach-E GT at a base MSRP of $69,895.

You don’t have any option packages available on the Kia EV6 GT, as it comes in a premium package. However, you have a variety of accessories you can opt for when you purchase one. We’ve listed them with the pricing below.

  • Cargo Cover — $150.
  • Carpeted Floor Mats — $170.
  • Illuminated Door Scuff Plates — $325.
  • Floor Cargo Net — $50.
  • Interior Light Kit — $325.
  • Luggage Board, Cargo Mat — $95.
  • Luggage Board, Cargo Tray — $115.
  • Mud Guards — $115.
  • Tow Hitch — $540.
  • Wheel Locks — $60.

Ford has several option packages available for an upcharge. For example, you can add the GT Performance Edition Extended Range Battery for $6,000, which lowers your driving range but increases horsepower and torque. Several exterior color options cost as much as $795, and a Mustang Nite Pony package at $800 adds signature exterior badging. A $280 Interior Protection package includes floor and cargo liners. You can also find many of the same accessories with Ford as with Kia.

Edge: Kia EV6 GT

It’s hard to downgrade Kia’s complete package before options when compared to the Mach-E GT.

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